About Little Shoo

You know when you have that irresistible saucy goodness on your plate at the end of a meal that makes you seriously consider licking your plate in public?

The Italians have come up with a great solution for that; it’s called la scarpetta. Fare la scarpetta, translated as “to do the little shoe,” is the act of using a piece of bread to mop up the wonderful sauce on your plate that you cannot possibly leave behind.

Little Shoo is our play on this great Italian tradition, we want you to enjoy your meal and savour the flavours so that you can’t resist doing ‘the little shoe”.


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Little Shoo - Our dining room is the perfect location for a more intimate dining experience.
Little Shoo - Offering laid back yet sophisticated charm, Little Shoo exudes a vibrant atmosphere and welcome feel.
Little Shoo - Catch up with friends for drinks amongst plush lounges and luxe finishes.
Little Shoo - A relaxed ambience and delicious menu makes our shared dining experience the ideal way to celebrate any special occasion.